Some of our favourite high fashion poses

High fashion poses are kind of crazy.

They're creative, different and interesting to look at.

The work heavily with angles and rely on the model really understanding their body.

If you're interested in getting into high fashion modelling it is important that you have some high fashion poses up your sleeve that you can pull out if needed at a photoshoot.

So, to help you out, we've collected a few of our faves from our very own girls to get your creative juices flowin'!

Ajok for The Fashion Journal

We're loving how Ajok uses her beautiful long limbs to create this awesome shape that also showcases the amazing environment behind her!

Zasha shot by Aleisha Edwards Creative

Check out the angles Zasha has made with her arms here. She's paid attention to her outfit to create the ultimate shot! 

Georgia for Mariam Seddiq

Check out those puffed sleeves! Georgia has kept her angles sharp to showcase these incredible sleeves.

Jasmyn for Chloe Mottau

Jasmyn has made the most of the flowy tulles creating a beautiful rounded shape. She really does look like a mermaid!

Josephine for Windy Phan

Josephine has used simplicity to highlight this incredible outfit. She's also made the most of her camera angle here.

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