Covid-19 Update: Some of our upcoming events have been postponed due to COVID-19. Find out more.

Covid-19 Response

The COVID-19 disease is a terrible human tragedy affecting so many around the world. As the risks of this disease become more present for our staff and our clients, we have been proactive in developing a plan to limit the risks of transmission within our environment. While business must go on, we are also committed to playing our part in protecting those most vulnerable in our community by acting cautiously and responsibly during this time.

Events larger than 500 people (3-day events)

As a consequence, of the Australian government legislation we have had to postpone events that are larger that 500 people. We have contacted participants effected via text and email with the revised dates and will continue to monitor the situation on the advise of the Australian government and World Health Organisations.

Should you have any enquiries surrounding our 3-day events you can contact us at and emails will be responded to in the order that they are received.

Please also note that staff may have been instructed to work from home at certain times so will not be present in the office as would usually be the case.

While our approach may create some inconvenience during this time we ask that you respect these initiatives and support them wherever you can.

Events smaller than 100 people (1-day events)

Obviously, the nature of our business requires our staff to come in contact with many members of the community in the course of performing their work. At this critical time, we are incredibly conscious of those interactions and the impact these may have on the health and safety of our clients and our staff. We will continue to follow the advice of the Australian government regarding events and the limit on participants. Consequently, we are implementing several initiatives in an attempt to limit the risk of contagion within our environment.

The initiatives we have implemented include:

  1. Any staff member who is feeling unwell in any way or has any cold or flu-like symptoms have been instructed to refrain from reporting for work.
  2. Any staff member developing any symptoms whilst at work is to immediately remove themselves from the business and notify management.
  3. Any staff member who believes a client/customer is exhibiting flu symptoms has been instructed to remain at a distance and report their concerns to management.
  4. We will be implementing social distancing at any of our scheduled events as well as providing hand santiser for any person attending our events.
  5. Staff have been reminded of the importance of personal hygiene in particular handwashing.

While our approach may create some inconvenience during this time, we ask that you respect these initiatives and support them wherever you can.

Events currently postponed

Please find the tentative postponed event dates below.

Sydney – Saturday 22nd August Sydney - Saturday 14th November
Sydney – Sunday 23rd August Sydney - Sunday 15th November
Melbourne – Saturday 29th August & Sunday 30th August Melbourne – Saturday 28th November
Townsville – Saturday 4th April Townsville – Saturday 12th September
Townsville – Sunday 5th May Townsville – Saturday 12th September
Perth – Saturday 4th April TBC
3-day Melbourne 17th - 19th April 3-day Melbourne 12-14th December 2020
Geelong – Saturday 27th June TBC
Geelong – Sunday 28th June TBC
3-day Perth 24th - 26th April 3-day Perth 3-5th October 2020
Canberra - Saturday 9th May TBC
Canberra - Sunday 10th May TBC
Brisbane - Saturday 21st March, 9th May & 1st Aug Brisbane - Saturday 29th August
Brisbane - Sunday 22nd March, 10th May & 2nd Aug Brisbane - Sunday 30th August
Melbourne – Saturday 29th Aug & Sunday 30th Aug Melbourne – Saturday 28th November
Newcastle - Saturday 8th Aug & Sunday 9th Aug Newcastle - Saturday 31st October
Gold Coast - Saturday 27th June Gold Coast - Saturday 5th September
Gold Coast - Sunday 28th June Gold Coast - Sunday 6th September
3-day Gold Coast November 2020 3-day Gold Coast 22-24 January 2021
3-day Sydney December 2020 3-day Sydney 9-11 April 2021

Closing statement

We are greatly appreciative of your ongoing support and look forward to continuing to serve you during this time of uncertainty. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding our operations over the coming weeks and months.

Our plan is continuously evolving and should anything change with respect to our operations we will update you accordingly.

Please note that due to COVID-19 the delivery of hard cover portfolios and professional images purchased at previous events may also experience a delay.

We greatly appreciate your understanding during this time.

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