Our Model Search and Confidence Campaign event is a one-of-a-kind experience where you get the chance to experience modelling first hand, beat your inner bully, and meet new friends. By just coming along to one of our incredible events when we visit an area near you, you are guaranteed to take some huge leaps towards greater confidence and self love and you might even spark a passion for the modelling industry as well!

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Why we're passionate

These days, being a young woman isn't easy. In fact, it's really, really hard.


As our world continues to grow as do the cases of anxiety, depression and suicide. It's a reality that suicide remains the leading cause of death for young women in Australia. At CGM, we simply do not accept that this is how it has to be and we want to change it.


At CGM it is our mission to change lives by empowering young women to love themselves and realise their value within the world.

What we do at our events

If you come along to one of our CGM events then be warned - it will change your life! At every single one of our events we work hard on building confidence and providing incredible modelling opportunities. You can expect to walk away from an event with CGM loving yourself more than ever before and potentially even kick starting a career in modelling!

Every year we travel to Australia, New Zealand and Canada with each of our events including:



All girls who participate in our events are involved in a number of workshops where they learn to battle their inner bully, pose like a boss, strut their stuff on a catwalk and most importantly unleash their inner warrior!



We offer the chance to have a photoshoot with an incredible fashion photographer at all of our events. This is a great chance to develop an industry-standard modelling portfolio. 



For us, the catwalk show is a chance to celebrate how amazing each and every girl is. Friends and family are also invited to come along to watch this show.



At each of our 3-day events we offer each girl the chance to meet with one of the leading agents in the area. These agents will be looking to scout new models directly into their agency.

So, are you ready to change your life?


I very recently came back from the three day national finals in Auckland, New Zealand and it was amazing! Unlike most of the other girls attending I had not gone to a preliminary event, so it was extremely scary to dive head first into the national finals! However I’m so glad I did as I’ve made so many new friends and the experience was amazing. Everyone at CGM truly works hard to ensure you have a great time and they succeeded by all means. I normally would’ve never done something like this, especially because I knew no one, but now coming out of it I’d do it a thousand times more!


My experience with Country Girl Management was the best experience!! I walked into the preliminary event with no previous modelling experience and not much confidence within myself and I walked out with a tonne of confidence and a lot of information about the modelling industry. I was also lucky enough to be able to go to the National Final Qualifier and at that event I grew so much as a person. I met so many wonderful, like-minded people who were all so kind. I created so many great friends, had more photo shoots to grow my experience, and got to experience Katie’s workshops, they truely helped with confidence and taught us how to beat our inner bully. County Girl’s events are full of fun and friendly people. If anyone has the chance to go to one of CGM's events, I really recommend that they do, it will change their life.


My experience with Country Girl Management has been nothing less than amazing! I can’t thank the team and especially Katie for providing so many amazing opportunities for me with modelling. I would never have thought I’d be who I am today, I truly feel like a strong, powerful and confident person now. I learnt so many life long lessons and met so many amazing and beautiful girls. I am truly so so so thankful.


My experience with CGM was above my expectations. Firstly, I felt silly to be doing modelling. By the end of the day I felt amazing and very comfortable with myself. I couldn't believe the pictures that It was taken from me. They helped me feel empowered and beautiful. Thank you CGM. I will never forget what I have learnt with you.


For the past three year now four years I have been involved in country girl management, I don’t only love the photo shoots and the car walk but I love the environment, the people are always so nice and aren’t very judgmental, the first year I did country girl management I was so nervous and scared people would judge me but no one did, I then made it to the finals in Queensland and that was amazing, I met so many gorgeous girls who were interested in the same thing that I was, all the girls are so supportive and cheer you on throughout the event, Katie the founder of country girl management is such a big inspiration for myself and many other girls who have attended the event, Katie always has a smile on her face no matter what she’s doing, she’s making us happy and that’s making her happy, Katie is always there for people when they are down or just feel not feeling well, Katie is a very caring person and is home my second mum and I’ve been doing the event for the past three years because of her, I’d like to say thanks to the team you’re all amazing, bringing a smile to everyone’s face even when they have a frown, love you all like family.


CGM has changed my life in more ways than one! They have taught so many girls about self love, allowing them to gain a lot more self confidence and have helped begin to feel so much comfortable in my own skin. CGM is such an amazing organisation filled with so many wonderful individuals which help and bring a smile to so many girls faces, allowing them to feel like they can do anything they set their minds to.
Highly recommend to all girls to attend a CGM workshop close to them! You won’t regret it and will walk away with so many amazing memories, experiences as well as learning so much at each workshop, It is truly a once in a lifetime experience


If it wasn’t for CGM I honestly don’t know what I’d be right now! Little did I know I could be seeing myself on posters in shopping centres !! In 2017 I walked into the Melbourne preliminary event with no self believe and little confidence, after unexpectedly winning I ended up in Queensland for nationals, and being crowned winner. Since then I’ve been signed with CGM themselves, Chic and recently Giant management. So far I’ve done work for Fila, target, Kevin Murphy and Jay Jays. I love the modelling industry, each job is different, you meet sooo many people and you’re constantly learning new tips and tricks. Anyone could of scouted me to become a model, but I doubt I would of had the courage and confidence to do it- CGM bought it out of me and words can not describe how appreciative I am for their on going support, the team is incredible. Highly recommend ladies to attend an event, the workshops are awesome, everyone is super uplifting and you can make friendships as I did and have the chance to become a model.


Thank you Katie Jones for the amazing company you have built that is like nothing that exists, Katie, you are making the world a better place and you are contently changing the lives of people like me and that is something that there is no words to express how amazing it is. The beat your inner bully workshop was life changing, like it physically changed my life and i cannot thank you enough. There is something so empowering about being able to stand up to the person inside who is constantly putting you down and even more to do it in a room of supportive and beautiful who are guiding you along the way and you started that. Its all you and I know me and everybody else at nationals appreciates you so so so much. If you are a girl who likes modelling or wants to try it out or even just needs help with self confidence - GO TO A CGM EVENT it is honestly life changing and i wouldn't change it for the world.


My daughter recently went to a confidence workshop in Melbourne. The day was such a positive experience for her from ways to confidently comment on compliments you may receive from others, how being unique is so valuable, how to pose in front of the camera and walking on a catwalk. Most importantly she has made some great friendships and connections and had so much fun showing her catwalk skills in front of her family and friends. It really is a great experience for everyone no matter your age. You feel part of a family.



The Country Girl management crew are the most loving and caring people! My experience with country girl management was amazing, I met so many new lovely girls and also got to connect with them through the inner bully workshop. Every single second of the work shops are so valuable and filled with fun and you get to meet the beautiful Katie Jones who is one of a kind, she is changing so many valuable lives that we can’t be loosing anymore. I came out of this event feeling more confident with myself and being able to get up on the stage was very difficult for me to do because I got filled up with so much self doubt but now I have the confidence to get rid of that self doubt. I recommend CGM to every girl, you’ve got nothing to lose!


Country Girl Management was so welcoming from the first moment that they contacted me! It was nice to feel comfortable in the skin that I was given and to not worry about the stereotypes that the world tells us. I learnt so much about myself and the industry, plus I made some amazing friends. The whole event was just so much fun and I was so blessed to be apart of it!


CGM was an amazing experience. I learnt so much and met such lovely people that I will be life long friends with. I am now with an agency that does movie and television work and I really do have country girl management to thank for that as they gave me so much confidence. I recommend country girl management to anyone that is interested in modelling, for fun or just for a confidence boost!


Country Girl Management has been nothing short of amazing by providing girls and women, including myself, the opportunity to grow as an individual while being surrounded in a positive environment. Not only have they improved my confidence dramatically and taught me to love myself and others, but I made many friendships throughout the process. They empowered me by providing me with the knowledge to further my modelling career but also on how to be a wholesome woman that is resilient and also supportive. The experience I gained from attending a CGM event gave me the skill set to then be able to model for a boutique and be where I am today. I highly encourage anyone to attend an event in your local area as it will be an experience you will never forget!


I loved every minute of my experience with country girl management. I suffer from anxiety and depression and it was a really big step for me to even attend the first day but then I got through and went to the national finals. This has changed my life for the better and I can say that I am more confident and happy with myself than I ever was. Any girls questioning doing it, just do it, it’s amazing and you won’t regret it.
Thankyou to Katie and the whole team that helped me and all the amazing girls I met while i was there as well.


I was lucky enough to attend 3 events last year with Country girl Management and at every event I Iearnt something new, was able to gain more confidence and made new friends.
I was welcomed by the CGM team every time and was made to feel like part of the family.
Since attending these events I have grown as a person and have been given the skills and the self belief to chase my dream of becoming a model.
If your considering attending an event in your area, the answer is YES! you so should do it!
Whether you are an aspiring model like myself or someone who needs help with confidence or “self love”, there is something for everyone!


From the first moment CGM contacted me they were extremely positive and welcoming. I enjoyed my experience at the preliminary event so much and was lucky enough to go to the national final qualifier where I made so many friends and gained loads of confidence. Thank you so much Katie and the whole CGM team for this amazing once in a lifetime experience.


I attended a CGM event about 3 years ago and it is still one of the greatest events I have ever attended. l’ll never get the same positive up lifting energy at any other event. The team are amazing and so welcoming. They spread the message that beauty does not just lie on the out side but on the inside. They helped me gain so much inner confidence showing me that being me is one thing you’ll never get wrong. I absolutely adore the team. They are the most amazing people, they are so inspiring. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.


Last October I took part in the CGM Preliminary Final in Auckland, NZ. We spent the day learning to be confident in ourselves, having professional photoshoots, and taking part in a catwalk showcase. I enjoyed every second of that day and it was well worth attending as I gained confidence and made friendships that will last a lifetime. I was one of the 20 lucky girls to be chosen to take part in the CGM National Finals in New Zealand.

This event happened recently and those 3 days were so amazing and to anyone debating taking part, I highly recommend it! Everyone there is so long and supportive and just want the best for each other. The Country Girl Management Team are some of the kindest women I have ever met and I will continue to look up to them for inspiration as they truly are warriors.

I ended up being chosen as the winner for the Country Girl Management Finals in NZ for 2019 and I am so incredibly grateful for the experience and everything Katie Jones and the CGM team have done for me. They truly are nothing like any other modelling agency and they really do want the best for every girl out there. I have so much love for those people and hope that many more girls can have a CGM experience because I cannot explain how truly life changing it is!


The CGM Finals was such an amazing experience. I met so many beautiful girls and made many new wonderful friends for life. Seeing everyone gain confidence was so empowering not only for me but everyone as it showed each other that we’re not alone and it is okay to reach out for help. Everyone was so supportive and I learned how to reduce stress in many different ways and self defence. I would definitely recommend everyone going along and having an experience like this.


The CGM model search and confidence workshops have been an amazing experience for me as CGM has helped me with confidence and being able to be who I am and myself. Confidence is something that not many people have but we all need to have more confidence in ourselves to achieve the things we love the most. They have also shown me the many different areas in the modelling industry that we can all get into if we work hard and love that particular area in the industry. We can all be successful models or anything if we are truly passionate about it!


My daughter recently attended the CGM 3 day event in Auckland. I was a bit hesitant about it at first, but it was a really great experience. She gained so much confidence, and made a whole bunch of new friends along the way. It is just a very positive atmosphere, where the girls are all uplifting and encouraging each other. They come away with beautiful photos and memories that will last forever, and a positive self image to head out into the world with. You can be sure that your daughter is in good hands with Katie and her team.


My journey with self discovery and confidence began when I was 15 years old. I was in the midst of recovery from an eating disorder and very much in need of some confidence. Recovery for me started off as a vicious cycle. I would start gaining weight and would feel amazing, I would have so much energy and happiness. Then, something would trigger in my mind and I would hate how I looked, I would then loose a heap of weight and be back to square one.
Somewhere in this cycle I got a message from Country Girl Management, explaining that there is an event in Geelong coming up. They asked if I would like to attend, I said yes and gave them my details. I could not believe what had just happened and for the first time in a long time, I felt an overwhelming feeling of excitement.
Country Girl Management saved my life. In my eyes, Katie Jones is the biggest blessing God gave this world.
CGM played a huge part in me discovering myself and recognising my self worth. The beautiful people that I met and continue to meet throughout my CGM journey make me so eternally happy and I will forever be grateful for just how much they all individually made my heart smile. I have made lifelong friends through CGM.
What helps me keep my confidence alive is surrounding myself with good people; the team at CGM and my friends and family.
Through the Country Girl Management events I discovered that I have a passion for hair and makeup, currently I am studying a Diploma of Makeup and a Diploma of Screen and Media. I would love to be a makeup artist for models.
If I had never come across Country Girl Management I honestly don’t know where I would be, mentally and physically. Thankyou so much Katie Jones x


My first CGM event was two years ago. Two years later i am filled with confidence and i have been blessed with so many opportunities thanks to Country Girl Management. Two years later i am still lucky enough to support the events and come along as a guest judge at events. I went into my first event as a shy and nervous Fourteen year old and came out filled with love, support and a new passion for inspiring and filling other girls with self love. i was lucky enough to win my preliminary event in Brisbane and get to attend the life changing 2017 national finals. CGM events are absolutely life changing. I have now done multiple photoshoots through the CGM events and I’ve worked with multiple photographers from around Australia. I now have a full portfolio and have the confidence to look for an agency.

To have the opportunity to meet so many unique and beautiful young women and watch everyone empower and support each other is an experience I will always be grateful for. I have made so many life long friends through Country Girl Management, it is such a valuable experience that I believe all women should experience. I can't thank CGM enough for believing in me and helping me to make my dreams a reality.

Thank you so much to Katie and the entire CGM team. so thankful and grateful for all the opportunity’s you have provided me with, I genuinely see you guys as a second family!



The incredible team at Country Girl Management changed my life for the better by giving me the confidence to embrace my uniqueness and made me feel part of a big loving family. They empower you to follow your dreams and achieve your goals, even if modelling isn't one of them. I had an amazing experience and made so many genuine friends. I gained skills that are so valuable to living a healthy and happy life and also skills and confidence in front of a camera. One of the best experiences a girl could hope for! I highly recommend this program with all my heart!


Thanks Katie, I see you are soaring and expanding the globe! Well done! You've worked really hard and do amazing work for young women. Grace is still pursuing her modelling but also studying at uni doing Business and marketing and wants to have her own fashion label. If you ever wanted her to come and talk to the girls about her experience I am sure she would. It really raised her confidence levels and she is til friends with some of the girls she stayed with in Surfers for the 3 days. You make a really positive, life long impact on the girls at a crucial time in their life. The teenage years are tough but her experience with Miss Country Girl really pulled her through a very challenging time in her life so thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Country girl management has changed my life for the better. I attended one of the confidence courses in Auckland last year and recently , I compeated in the New Zealand national finals. The whole experience was amazing, I met so many beautiful girls and made life long friends. It was a positive environment for people of different backgrounds and confidence levels to come together and help each other learn. Even if you aren't interested in modelling I would recommend applying to the preliminaries, you will gain so much confidence and have loads of fun. I love CGM!