Frequently Asked Questions

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What's actually included?

The 4-week Online Model Search + Confidence Campaign event includes:

  • An Online Model Casting with a panel of CGM model agents
  • 4-week online modelling and confidence course hosted by CGM's founder Katie Jones
  • 4 weekly 1 hour live coaching sessions with a CGM coach
  • Weekly activity booklets + challenges
  • Involvement in a private Facebook group

How much does it cost?

The total cost for the whole 4-week program, including the casting, is $189. We have payment plans of just $20 per week available as well! All payments incur an additional $1.30 transaction fee.

How does the casting work?

At the end of the 4-week program, you will be involved in a LIVE online casting with a panel of CGM's best agents. Our agents will be scouting for the top agencies all around the world. Anyone who is successful as a result of the casting will be contacted afterwards individually.

Do you have any size or height requirements?

We don't have any size or height requirements at all for our Model Search. We have had girls signed from a range of different modelling sub-industries.

Do you need experience?

You don't need to have ANY experience to participate in our Model Search event - we will teach you everything you need to know.

Do I have to want to be a model to participate?

Although we LOVE our modelling opportunities, what is more important to us is confidence building. So, if you're not too sure about the modelling industry but really want to work on your confidence and make new friends, then this program is perfect for you too!


What happens on the day of the event?

On the day of the event you'll get to be involved in a HEAP of different things!

When you first arrive you will participate in a 45 minute MIND, BODY + MOVEMENT class where you will learn how to move your body in both general life and within a photoshoot. Then, you'll go into your FASHION PHOTOSHOOT with one of our fashion photographer. Following this you'll get to see your photos straight off the camera and then you'll go into our 45 minute INDUSTRY SEMINAR. This is where you'll learn how to break into the industry as a new model.

In the middle of the day you'll also get to participate in a 2 hour CATWALK + CONFIDENCE CLASS where you will learn more about confidence, make some new friends and learn how to catwalk! At the end of the day you will get to walk in a special CATWALK SHOWCASE!

I haven’t heard of you and I’m not sure what to expect. How do I know that this is legitimate?

Join our CGM Warrior community to meet some of the girls who have attended our events and see their stories. You can also reach out to them to see what their experience was like. We have been touring across Australia for over 10 years and have met thousands of girls just like you along the way. We scout for multiple agencies and have had models work for some of the largest brands globally.

If you need to see what other girls have said about our events check out our testimonies below or even read them on Google!

Are there any hidden costs?

The contestant fee you pay will cover you for everything on the day. The only extra costs (which are completely optional) are:

  • Photoshoot packages - on the day we will have photoshoot packages available for purchase if you are wanting to keep the photos from your photoshoot. These start at $99.
  • Catwalk Show tickets - tickets for friends and family to come along and watch the catwalk show will be available for purchase in the lead up to the event. These start at $20.
  • Online Courses - we have some amazing online courses that you can enrol for (starting at $29). Find out more about them here.
  • Group Coaching - we also run group coaching with our Founder and Director Katie Jones. These programs run throughout the year and are able to be purchased at our 1 day events. All information about these coaching courses will be provided at the 1 day event.

Is food provided?

There is no food provided at our 1 day events but there is always a cafe nearby!

Do I need to have any experience?

No! Our events are designed for girls who have had little to no experience in the modelling industry and majority of the girls that come along have never done any modelling before.

Will I get modelling work if I come to the event?

As much as we would love to say that you'll definitely become a model if you come along to our event, unfortunately we cannot guarantee it.

What we can promise you, however, is that we will have our CGM scouts there on the day of the event who will be looking for girls who have potential to sign with our affiliated agencies. Trust us, if we think you have potential to get signed with one of our affiliated agencies then we will do our very best to get you signed! At the end of the day though, whether you get a contract or not is up to the agencies that we work with. Some of our girls in the past have gone onto work with big brands such as Myer, David Jones, Supré, Just Jeans, Target, FILA, Jay Jays, and many more!

The other thing we can promise you is that at the event we will give you all of the tools you need to go out and pursue a modelling career yourself - even if we aren't able to give you a further opportunity on the day.

Are there any costs associated with signing with CGM?

If you get offered a contract with CGM, there are no upfront costs for you at all.