We believe in building the Empowered Model

The Empowered Model is a warrior. She is strong.  She is confident.  She is the future. 

Beauty comes in all different sizes, shapes, looks, cultures, abilities, and ages - and so it only makes sense that models should too. Our Empowered Model events provide the opportunity for girls to explore modelling in a safe, welcoming, and supportive community where they are encouraged to be themselves and embrace everything that makes them unique and beautiful.

No matter if you've never done modelling before, or have been in the industry for years, our events are sure to leave you feeling like an absolute boss.

Our Empowered Model events

Empowered Model Course

Perfect for the complete beginner!

A 4 week course to fast track your modelling career and supercharge your confidence.



Perfect for the complete beginner!

A 1 day event where you get to experience modelling first hand and
redefine what it means to be a model.



A 3 day event where you take things to another level, unleashing your modelling career and uniting with your warrior sisters.


Unleashed #online

A 3 day event where you take things to another level, unleashing your modelling career and uniting with your warrior sisters - all from the comfort of your own home.


How we secure opportunities

We act as a mentor for girls who are breaking into the modelling industry and are able to provide modelling opportunities through the modelling agencies and brands that we scout for from all around the world. This means we aren't scouting for any one look, shape, or size.

At each of our events, we have model scouts looking for girls who we can add to our talent register. This talent register is then sent out to our industry contacts in the hopes of securing the model a further opportunity.

Sammy 2017 Redefined + Unleashed events
"If it wasn't for CGM I honestly don't know where I'd be right now. Little did I know I could be seeing myself in shopping centres! Since meeting CGM, I've been signed with Chic and Giant Management. So far I've done work for Fila, Target, Kevin Murphy and Jay Jays. Anyone could have scouted me, but I doubt that I would have had the courage and confidence to do it - CGM bought it out of me and words can not describe how appreciative I am for their ongoing support. The team is incredible."
Caitlin 2019 Redefined + Unleashed events
"I really enjoyed that the event was a mixture of personal development stuff and practical modelling tips. Everyone was just so kind, and genuine and warm. Everyone was there because they are really similar. We all just want to embrace ourselves.Then, being signed with Bella Management was a dream moment. It was incredibly exciting.I've done a good half a dozen shoots now. CGM changed my life because I would have still been pursuing becoming a model but would I have got in front of agencies this quickly? Probably not
Would have I been signed within a couple of months of trying? Probably not.Go and do a CGM event!"
Renee 2018 Redefined + Unleashed events
"CGM completely changed my life in the most incredible way. Before I went to country girl I had absolutely no self confidence and I really struggled with my identity and self worth. I didn't know who I was or what I was capable of. I never in my wildest dreams even considered I could ever be a model, now I'm signed and it's the most incredible thing and I love it. But, the greatest gift CGM gave me was belief in myself and confidence in who I am. The doors that they opened for me changed my life and I couldn't be happier."

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