Becoming a social media influencer can be tough. It can be hard to know where to begin and to catch your first break!

That's why we are launching our world-first Influencers Unleashed event.

Over 2 days be coached by the best social media influencers + coaches in the industry to help you improve your influencing skills. Then, put your new skills into practise as we create content for a number of brands. Finish off the experience with the potential of landing a collab with a brand straight away!

SYDNEY 17-18 Aug 2024 SYDNEY 17-18 Aug 2024 GOLD COAST 27-28 APRIL 2024 GOLD COAST 27-28 APRIL 2024

Day 1 is all about improving your influencing game. We will cover...

♥ How to gain followers
♥ Building a strong personal brand
♥ Connecting with brands
♥ Managing your posts
♥ Creating content that looks incredible
♥ How to make money from your social media account
♥ How to stay safe online

You will be coached by the best in the business including influencers who are currently making money off social media. Coaching line up will be announced closer to the event.

Day 2 is where we take things to another level with our two major parts: The Content Creation Session and the Influencer Showcase.


It's time for you to put your skills into practise. In small groups, you'll need to shoot some incredible content for some brands! We will provide the outfits, the incredible backdrops, and of course some guidance, and the rest is up to you!

You'll also have the chance to create some amazing content for yourself, so make sure you bring along some cool outfits to wear!


One at a time, it's your time to present to a panel of brand scouts (including some influencers, CGM scouts, and brand representatives).

You'll need to share a bit about your personal brand, your goals in the industry, and your dream brands to work with. Don't worry, we will help you prepare for this on day 1.

After the casting is complete, the panel will award brand partnerships and collab opportunities to a number of the event participants. The winners will receive a prize pack from their designated brand and will get the chance to kickstart their influencing career straight away!

Within just two days, I was able to learn a lot about social media, influencing and brand partnerships. We had a chance to wear outfits & jewellery from different brands which was the most exciting part. This was honestly an amazing experience & would definitely love to recommend to others. From this event, I received a brand collaboration with Betania which I did not expect at all. I am really thankful to Country Girl Management for giving me this amazing opportunity.
Helamini Influencers Unleashed 2022
Nikeisha [in her workshop] broke down step by step with planning content and has honestly helped me 100%, I’m already gaining heaps more followers and reaching more people. She also taught me how to reach more people without building my following list and this has worked 100%!!!
Tegan Influencers Unleashed 2022


SYDNEY 17-18 August 2024 SYDNEY 17-18 August 2024