Empowered Model Course

4 weeks to fast track your modelling career and supercharge your confidence.


Where could modelling take you?

Over just 4 weeks, you will learn everything you need to know to break into the modelling industry and get started on your modelling career. Better yet, we're going to make you feel more confident about yourself than ever before! 

Then, at the end of the 4 weeks, you'll get to meet with CGM's scouts in a live online casting where you'll get a shot at landing a life changing modelling opportunity.

Key info

Pre-requisites None! This course is perfect for complete beginners AND experienced models.
Length 4 weeks
Investment $210.30

What you'll do

Week 1 - Setting some big goals

In week 1, you will get to know yourself on a deeper level and set some goals that you'll ACTUALLY ACHIEVE! Topics covered:

♥ Intro to the modelling industry
♥ Modelling categories
♥ How to set your goals
♥ Your Personality Type
♥ The CGM Warrior Technique
♥ Posing level 1

    Week 2 - Celebrating your personal beauty

    In week 2, you will build up your confidence and learn some things you can do every day to help put yourself in a positive mindset! Topics covered:

    ♥ Why are you valuable?
    ♥ Loving your body
    ♥ Celebrating your body with clothes
    ♥ Self training
    ♥ Catwalk level 1

    Week 3 - Developing a thick skin

    In week 3, you will learn about how to be resilient in the modelling industry and how to prepare for a casting. Topics covered:

    ♥ Resilience in the modelling industry
    ♥ How do castings work?
    ♥ Basic makeup look for a casting
    ♥ How to take a digi
    ♥ Pose level 2

    Week 4 - Personal branding 101

    In week 4, you will learn how to manage your social media as a model and what steps you need to take to break into the industry. Topics covered:

    What is a personal brand?
    ♥ Modelling materials
    ♥ 5 steps to break into the modelling industry
    ♥ Social media for models
    ♥ Catwalk level 2

    Featured Success Stories

    2020 course graduate
    "All the girls that I was so blessed to meet have been so supportive and encouraging and I don’t think that there was one person who felt like they didn’t belong or weren’t appreciated. CGM is at the forefront of taking and empowering women of all shapes, sizes and ethnicities!"

    2020 course graduate
    "I had the best time participating in this Course. It was perfect for me to gain confidence and knowledge about the modelling industry. As someone who struggles with confidence and self acceptance, this course brought me close to sooooo many amazing girls who are all accepting of one another and hype each other up no matter what!"


    2021 course graduate
    "During this 4 week course, my confidence has definitely grown even more and I am more sure of my abilities as a whole. CGM gave me all the steps I need to take to further my career while also giving me lessons that I can apply to my every day life."

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