Unleash your modelling career and unite with your warrior sisters


Are you ready to take things up a notch?

At our UNLEASHED event, you will get to spend 3 days with your warrior sisters as you build even more confidence and learn from some of the leading experts in the industry. To make it even better, you'll get the chance to walk on a raised catwalk in an incredible catwalk show!

You'll even get the chance to participate in a real-life casting with a leading agency or brand!

Key info

Pre-requisites Before you come to this event, you'll need to have completed our Empowered Model Course or REDEFINED event
Length 3 days
Investment $500

What you'll do


Over 3 INCREDIBLE days you will be involved in over 10 specialty workshops including posing, catwalking, fitness, confidence is key, goal setting, self defence, makeup, haircare, skincare and casting practice!


Take your casting to the next level by meeting a leading agency. This agency will be scouting for fresh faces to launch into the modelling industry.

Catwalk Show

At the end of the event you will participate in the real-life Catwalk Showcase! This is your chance to get dressed up and feel truly beautiful as you strut your stuff on the catwalk stage. 

Featured Success Stories

Perth 2021 event
"I absolutely loved the workshops we attended at the 3 day event. I usually walk with my head down while I'm looking at the floor with my shoulders slouched but now after the three day event, I genuinely feel a lot more confident when walking in public - I even stand a little taller. Being surrounded by such supportive/non judgmental people for the 3 day event was absolutely an amazing experience, the staff are so encouraging towards all the girls. Even all the young women that attended are so kind and supportive because at the end of the day we were all as nervous as each other but all the girls and staff members gave each and everyone of us the confidence to feel like an actual model on the catwalk. This is a great experience for anybody."

Brisbane 2020 event
"I attended both the 1 day and 3 day event in Brisbane recently, and I cannot thank you guys enough. We participated in workshops such as self defence, confidence, yoga, goal setting, skincare, haircare, makeup, cat walking and more. The atmosphere at the event is amazing, everyone is so supportive and encouraging of one another. As we danced through the day everyone was shouting out in support of each other. The staff are nothing short of incredible, everyone takes their time to get to know you and make you feel loved and appreciated. Watching everyone (myself included) become more confident and comfortable in themselves throughout the event was incredible, and I am so proud of every girl who attended. CGM aren't lying when they say they change lives.️"


Melbourne 2021 event
"The 3 day country girl management event was amazing, I loved literally everything about it. The catwalks to the cocktail then formal outfits they all looked stunning. I just love how it inspires woman all sizes and races to do what they love and too feel confident within their bodies overall it was a very lovely night that I’m so happy I came to support. It was very professional and the timing was perfect."

What it looks like

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