50,000 lives changed (and counting)

Since our foundation in 2009, we've met over 50,000 young women from around the world. In that time, we've started to chip away at our goal of changing the world one girl at a time.

We want to introduce you to just some of the girls whose lives we've changed - whether that be starting up their modeling career, building their confidence, or (our favourite) a combination of both.


Thank you, Katie Jones for the amazing company you have built that is like nothing that exist.  Katie, you are making the world a better place and you are contently changing the lives of people like me and that is something that there are no words to express how amazing it is. If you are a girl who likes modelling or wants to try it out or even just needs help with self-confidence - GO TO A CGM EVENT it is honestly life changing and I  wouldn't change it for the world.


CGM completely changed my life in the most incredible way. Before I went to country girl I had absolutely no self confidence and I really struggled with my identity and self worth, I didn't know who I was or what I was capable of. I never in my wildest dreams even considered I could ever be a model, now I'm signed and it's the most incredible thing and I love it, but the greatest gift CGM gave me was belief in myself and confidence in who I am. The doors that they opened for me changed my life and I couldn't be happier.


I was one of the 20 lucky girls to be chosen to take part in the CGM National Finals in New Zealand. This event happened recently and those 3 days were so amazing and to anyone debating taking part, I highly recommend it! Everyone there is so long and supportive and just want the best for each other. The Country Girl Management Team are some of the kindest women I have ever met and I will continue to look up to them for inspiration as they truly are warriors. They truly are nothing like any other modelling agency and they really do want the best for every girl out there.

If it wasn’t for CGM I honestly don’t know what I’d be right now! Little did I know I could be seeing myself on posters in shopping centres! Since meeting CGM  I’ve been signed with CGM themselves, Chic and  Giant management. So far I’ve done work for Fila, target, Kevin Murphy and Jay Jays. Anyone could of scouted me to become a model, but I doubt I would of had the courage and confidence to do it- CGM bought it out of me and words can not describe how appreciative I am for their on going support, the team is incredible. 

The Country Girl management crew are the most loving and caring people! My experience with them  was amazing, I met so many new lovely girls. Every single second of the work shops are so valuable and filled with fun.  I came out of this event feeling more confident with myself and being able to get up on the stage was very difficult for me to do because I got filled up with so much self doubt but now I have the confidence to get rid of that self doubt. I recommend CGM to every girl, you’ve got nothing to lose!

From the 4-week online course, I have learnt some of the most valuable lessons. CGM is a wonderful and life-changing experience for girls of any age, shape, size and colour that don’t know how and where to start off in the broad modeling industry. During the course, you not only are being taught the tips and tricks in modeling but it also opens up a opportunity for you to begin in this industry! Alongside some of the most supportive and loving sisterhood of CGM, I have learnt so much about SELF POSITIVITY AND SELF LOVE. 

Country Girl Management, WOW they truly are a modelling management like no other! They have not only taught me how to model but they have also taught me lessons for life, how to raise my self-esteem, how to fight my inner bully, they are teaching girls to be CONFIDENT in their own skin through these programs! Walking into the modelling event that CGM was holding in my area, I was petrified because I was so doubtful of myself but I decided to go in and just do it.. that was honestly the best choice of my life.  CGM has the most positive environment that brought me so far out of my shell.


ALL the girls, and I mean all the girls, including the attendees and the CGM team were so lovely, welcoming and encouraging! This is what sisterhood is! Women who build other women up creates something so powerful, because we are unstoppable when we come together. These events expose that kind of love to so many girls who might be broken or confident, and I could see so many perspectives of other women were being transformed for the better during the event. There is no judgement what so ever, and I felt so confident in my skin, and so happy with all my photos!


My experience with Country Girl Management was immaculate. It was amazing to see other girls who also felt the same as i did, as we learnt together. Helping each and everyone of us to see our potential through lessons on loving ourselves and knowing more about ourselves to get us to the stage or in front of that camera. It really did show me that if i wanted to become something big, i needed to feel big, feel more comfortable in my own skin and around new people. Every time we had a call i began to slowly become more confident and now i know very well that i have the potential to become a model or anything i want to be. I am a Warrior.

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