1. What are you looking for as model scouts?

Every single model scout looks for something completely different - and this is dependant on the sub-industry in which they are working. For example, what an alternative model scout looks for will be completely different to a curve model scout!

In general though, there are a few things that most model scouts are on the hunt for.

Firstly, we are looking for passion. If you're passionate about the industry and can show you've already put in effort into things like training and social media then this is a great start. 

Secondly, pick your photos wisely. Be sure to choose photos on your socials or any applications that really highlight your natural and beautiful self. Don't use filters or overly edited images as this will do you no favours.

If you do both of these things, then it comes down to what the individual agent is looking for at the time. To increase your chances of being scouted, do some research on the agencies you're applying for and consider applying for agencies that already represent models that are similar in look/sub-industry to you.

2. How do I get the brands to notice me on Instagram?

Getting noticed on Insta can be a long game. The trick is to be consistent, tag the brands you want to be seen by, and take photos that reflect that brand's content. For example, if the brand has heaps of beachy photos on their feed consider featuring their product with you in a beachy photo (and of course tagging them). 

By doing this you have a much bigger chance of being noticed by the brand and maybe even shared!

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3. How tall do I have to be to be a model?

Good news - There is no longer a height restriction for models! Hooray! Your height is the perfect height, babe.

4. Do I have to have a modelling agent to be a model?

No you definitely don't. You can become a freelance model if you don't want to have an agent. This means you will need to go out and book your own jobs and organise your own business as a model. 

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5. What happens if I don't get scouted at the CGM casting?

At the end of our Online Model Search 4 week program we have an online casting with a panel of CGM model scouts. It's incredible! 

If you don't get scouted at this casting it doesn't mean you have no potential as a model - it just means our scouts don't think we can get you an opportunity right now. We recommend taking the skills you've learnt over the 4 weeks and implementing them to get started on your own - and then touch base with us again in a few months!

6. How do I know if an agency is legit?

If you get approached by a modelling agency it is important that you do your research and know the warning signs that maybe the agency isn't legitimate. 

The biggest red flag you need to watch out for is when an agency tries to charge you a fee to sign a contract with them. This should never be the case and if it happens then perhaps reconsider signing with that agency. 

At CGM, we charge for our training events but if you are offered a contract with us we do not charge you for this

A good agency should work off commission only which means they only get paid if you get paid!

Make sure you always do you research on any agencies that you're thinking of signing with and feel free to reach out to us if you have any concerns!

7. What is the best thing I can do right now to become a model?

Practise, take lots of photos, and improve your social media!

You can check out our amazing Online Model Search 4 week course here.

8. How do I get more followers on Insta?

Getting more Instagram followers can be tough but it isn't impossible. Check out our how to blog here.

9. What does a model actually do?

A model's job is to be the person who wears or uses a brand's product for promotional purposes. This can involve having photos taken, being in ads, walking on a catwalk, or even attending events.

10. What's your biggest piece of advice to get into the industry?

The biggest piece of advice we can give you to break into the modelling industry is to just be persistent. The more people you can meet in the industry and the more comfortable you can get with photoshoots then the more likely you will be to kick off your career.

Also, don't discount the power of your social media!

Go out and get it!