How to use your Instagram to start your modeling career

If you want to go down the path of Instagram influencing - and even modelling more generally - then the first thing you should think about doing is getting some Instagram collaborations!

Basically, a collaboration (or a collab) is when a brand might send you through their product for free in exchange for you posting about it and creating amazing content for them. 

Unlike influencing, you won't usually get paid for a collaboration. But, if you want to step into influencing, having some collabs under your belt is a great first step. 

Because we totally get that this can feel like a really confusing world when you're first starting, we have put together some tips to get you started.

1. Tag the brands you're wearing

First things first, start tagging the brands you're wearing. If you've put together a super cute outfit then snap a shot of it and TAG THE BRANDS. This will get you on the radar of the brand straight away and might even score you a shout out. 

2. Be vocal to your followers about the brands you're interacting with. If you love something tell EVERYONE!!

Did you just buy a new product that you're obsessed with? Head to your social media and tell your followers. Again, be sure to tag the brand (they'll love the feedback) and tell your audience specifically what makes this product SO AWESOME! Think of this as a little mini-collab you can control yourself. This will give you practise for when you're doing real collabs and will also signal to your potential clients (the brands) that you mean serious business.

3. Build an engaged following who you inspire/who trust your reviews

If you want to be an influencer then you're going to need at least 1000 followers. Make sure you build your following and keep them engaged (learn more on this here).

4. Keep your content 'on brand'

If you are going to use your Instagram account as a platform for you to potentially make money, then it is important that you don't just post anything and everything. Keep your content consistent and on brand.  This will keep your followers engaged and will build trust with your audience as well.

5. Create content that the brands you love can use straight away

If you're really serious about being featured by a certain brand, then consider taking a photo that matches in with their current Insta colour scheme. Brands are always on the hunt for extra content to post and if you create something that they can fit into their page easily then you might even get a feature! By doing this you will not only increase your followers but will also be on the radar when the brand is looking for models.

A great example of someone who does this really well is Allanah.
 Check out some of her awesome shots.

Once you've started doing these things, the brands are likely to start reaching out to you for collaborations. When you have done a few of them, and your following is growing, don't be afraid to ask for payment for your content!

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