How to get noticed by an agency

For many emerging models, it's a priority to secure a contract with a modelling agency. This is because modelling agencies can make your entrance into (and career in) the modelling industry much smoother. They do everything from your marketing through to contract negotiation, making your life much easier!

Often though, landing a contract can be really hard work. For many, the hardest part is being seen amongst the thousands of other modelling hopefuls. Luckily though, we've worked in the industry for a while now and know a few little insider tips to give you that extra edge.

1. Get some standout images

This is one of the most important things you need to get sorted if you're serious about getting signed. Having a great portfolio of professional images and high quality digis will give you the edge and help you stand out. We would recommend having a minimum of 6 professionally edited images (with a minimum of 2 looks) and a set of around 10 great digis. 

If you don't have your professional images sorted yet, we can help you at one of our Redefined events. We offer a range of photoshoot packages at these events that will make sure you have the absolute best images possible.

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When it comes to digis, we cannot understate how IMPORTANT it is to spend time getting great quality photos. Here's how:

Having a portfolio with edited, professionally-shot photos is a must when entering the modelling industry. In addition to a portfolio, however, a model must also have a set of recent and unedited digital photos (AKA digis) that they can use to promote themselves. Whether you are getting ready to take your first set of digis or you are just needing to refresh your existing ones, have a read through the following points to make sure you are putting your best foot forward to land that modelling job! 

2. Don't underestimate the importance of strong Instagram profile

The first thing a modelling agency does when they receive an application from a new face is jump on their Instagram profile. The reason is simple: these days models are more than just mannequins - they are also influencers, advertisers and brands! As such, it's important that you have a strong personal brand on your Instagram that is likely to work for a number of different brands.

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Ahh, the elusive beautiful Instagram feed. In theory, it feels like it should be so easy to create a beautiful Insta feed but then in practise it just really isn't! Never mind, we are here to help!

Do you want to become an influencer on Insta but are struggling to get followers? We've got good news - there's some techniques you can implement right now to begin to build your following and maintain your engagement!

3. Great 'candid' photos

This is a BIG ONE, so listen up! Whenever you post ANYTHING on your Instagram, always ask yourself: Is this photo going to impress a modelling agent? You want to always post photos that make you look great. No, that does NOT mean filters! In fact, we would recommend avoiding the filters completely. Good photos have great poses, nice angles, stellar lighting, etc. A great selfie can go a long way in getting interest from an agency, so spend time to get the perfect shot and ALWAYS think before you post. 

It's also a good idea to pick three of your best images - maybe 2 portfolio shots and 1 candid shot - and pin them to your featured so they're the first thing an agent will see.

4. Tag the agencies in your posts every now and then

This one requires a bit of confidence, but we've seen it work before. Whenever you post a particularly awesome shot - mainly professional shots - be sure to tag any agencies you'd like to sign with. Also, use their scouting hashtags if they've got them. This will mean that when the modelling agent is scrolling through their tagged feed, you may just catch their eye!

5. ALWAYS remain professional 

Finally, it's important that you treat your applications to modelling agencies with care and attention. Just like any other job, if you don't follow the application guidelines and instructions, then you probably aren't going to get anywhere. 

So, read the application instructions carefully, check your spelling, upload the right amount of images in the correct format, and ALWAYS remain professional!

6. And, if you want some more help, remember you can always attend one of our Empowered Model events!

Our Empowered Model events provide the opportunity for girls to explore modelling in a safe, welcoming, and supportive community where they are encouraged to be themselves and embrace everything that makes them unique and beautiful.

No matter if you've never done modelling before, or have been in the industry for years, our events are sure to leave you feeling like an absolute boss.

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