How to nail your model face

No matter what type of modelling you want to get into, having a strong model face is going to be super important.

What is a model face I hear you ask?

Well, a model face is that serious, strong, and powerful face you've probably seen models do literally EVERYWHERE. For example...

A good model face has a few elements, but the most important two are your eyes and your lips. Let's talk about how you can perfect them.

It's all in the eyes
When it comes to having a strong model face, the first thing you need to perfect is your eyes. You need to focus your eyes on one point and engage them a little -almost like you're squinting (with PURPOSE!). Think powerful, strong, boss vibe thoughts and channel it through your eyes. You can even channel your inner Tyra and think of the classic 'smize'. 

A great way to practise your eyes is to put your selfie camera on and film yourself going into your model eyes. You should see a clear difference between your 'relaxed' eyes and your model eyes. Once you're feeling comfortable with the movement, start taking some photos and keep reviewing until you're happy!

Perfect those lips
Once you've got your eyes sorted, next up is your lips. What you do with your lips is going to completely depend on your lip and face shape. But, in general, you want to aim for having your lips RELAXED and SLIGHTLY PARTED. You DON'T want to be pouting or pursing your lips. 

Again, practising in front of a selfie camera is going to be key. Keep playing around with different lip positions until you find one that works for you. 

Still need some more help? Check out these TikTok tutorials we love:

Once you've got your model face nailed, make sure you post it on your socials and tag us! We want to see!

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