How to take the perfect digi

Having a portfolio with edited, professionally-shot photos is a must when entering the modelling industry. In addition to a portfolio, however, a model must also have a set of recent and unedited digital photos (AKA digis) that they can use to promote themselves. Whether you are getting ready to take your first set of digis or you are just needing to refresh your existing ones, have a read through the following points to make sure you are putting your best foot forward to land that modelling job!  

What to wear

The most important thing to remember when taking a set of digis is that they need to show you in a natural state. Although being completely unedited and somewhat exposed can be quite intimidating, it is incredibly important that your digis show off your body shape, your skin, and any tattoos/piercings that you may have. This means that your clothing should be figure-hugging to show off your amazing body.

Some good options for clothing are:

  • Skinny blue/black jeans with a black/white singlet
  • Blue black shorts with a black/white singlet

You can also put on a pair of heels if you like.  

Hair and makeup 

The biggest mistake you can make when taking your digis is thinking that wearing makeup will make you more likely to land a job. Remember, the scouts and agents who are going to be looking at your photos are expecting unedited and natural photos. They are wanting to see you as a blank canvas! As such, ditch the makeup and be confident in your own skin! The same rule applies for your hair. Take some photos with your hair up, others with your hair down, and some with your hair pulled to the side. 


When it comes to actually taking your digis, head for the great outdoors. You want your photos to be taken with natural lighting and with a simple backdrop. If you can find a neutral-coloured wall to take your photos against, this would be ideal. Most importantly, make sure it is daylight and you stand completely in the shade.   


Avoid posing for your digis. Remember, natural is best! Additionally, you want to avoid falling into the trap of taking the photo from too far above or below your head. If you take it from above you, you run the risk of distorting your height. If you take it from below, it can distort your body type. As such, a straight on shot, angled only slightly downwards, is best. You want to get a head shot, a half body shot, a full body shot, and a side on 'profile' shot, with a mixture of smiling and serious facial expressions.


As the name suggests, a digi is best taken by a decent digital camera. Don't worry too much if you don't have a great camera; the most important part is that you don't have the need to use flash or any unnatural lighting. A smartphone would be perfect if you can't find a digital camera. Make sure you don't add filters! 

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