CGM Talks - Being a first-generation immigrant and starting over with Zoey Lau

"I came here and started as girl that didn't know any English at all to now where I've completed my Masters degree and built a successful life here. Be brave and believe in yourself"

As a first-generation immigrant to Australia, Zoey has experienced first hand what it feels like to be different to everyone else. After moving to Australia from Hong Kong to chase her dreams, Zoey not only faced the challenges of her university degree but also had to learn a completely new language and get used to an entirely new culture. 

On top of all of this, Zoey also experienced discrimination and had to teach herself coping mechanisms to get through the nasty things that were said about her - often by complete strangers.

Speaking to Zoey serves as a timely reminder that we never know the struggles or challenges people are facing and that being kind and welcoming can make a huge difference to someone's world.

Despite the challenges Zoey faced, she went on to not only complete her Bachelor's Degree but also her Masters. She has since landed a job that she loves, become a CGM Ambassador, and created a life that she is really proud of. 

"Immigrants are very strong people and are fearless in following what they want in a new country. People need to embrace the differences in people from different countries. We have a very rich cultural background that would be interesting to explore!"

#CGMTalks showcases some of the most empowering, thought-provoking and BOSS Warriors within the CGM community as they talk about the things that have directly influenced their lives.

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