Castings, meet and greets, go-sees... what are they and what to expect?

Before you get signed with a modelling agency or get a job within the modelling world, you must first have a casting. This is often also known as a go-see or a meet and greet. This can be a little bit of a daunting experience (especially if you haven't been to one before); however, it is also incredibly exciting. To help you prepare - and make an awesome impression - we've put together all of the most important details for you to check out!

What to expect 

When you are first invited to meet with an agency or brand, you'll most likely only be told where to go and what time. To ensure you are fully prepared for your meeting (and so that you give the best first impression you can), you should aim to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the time they gave you.

Meeting with an agency

If you are meeting with a modelling agency, when you arrive, you can expect to meet the receptionist and the agent will come out and get you after that. During your meeting with the agent, you can expect that they will take a few digital images of you, take some of your measurements, and briefly interview you. In total, the meeting will last no longer than 15 minutes. Sometimes they can even be less than 10 minutes! In your short time with the agent, it is really important that you make a good impression. In your interview, they will be likely to ask you a little bit about your life, what else you are doing, your other passions, if you have had any prior modeling experience etc. Make sure you think about how you might answer some of these questions! It is also a good idea that you take your portfolio and composite cards with you to the meeting. Once you have finished your meeting, you can usually expect to hear from the agent within a week or so.  

Casting for a job with a brand

Casting for a job is a little different. In this case, you are likely going to be meeting them with other models. Because of this, you can expect that the overall meeting will be a lot shorter and you will likely be going in in groups. You can expect to wait up to a few hours to be seen in a casting so make sure you're patient! When you get into the casting you will most likely be asked to do a few catwalk laps, potentially ask a few questions, and they may take your photo/measurements. Be sure to take along your comp cards to hand to the brand.

How to prepare 

In the lead up to your meeting, you should really focus on your health. In the week before the meeting you should try to drink lots of water and be careful of spending too much time in the sun. You DON'T want to get sunburnt! It's also a good idea for you to use a hydrating face mask around 1 week before the meeting and moisturise your whole body. This way your skin will be glowing! 

What to wear 

Fortunately, when you go into a casting you will not have to think too much about what to wear. We would suggest for you to just stick to jeans (high waisted if possible) and a white/black singlet-style top. You should wear a small heel if you are comfortable in doing so and should keep your hair washed and blow-dried (or natural depending on your hair type). Always make sure you have a hair tie with you as often they will ask you to put it up for some photos. You also want to keep your make up nice and natural.  Always make sure you have natural nail polish on (or none) and stay away from fake nails and fake eyelashes for your meeting.  


Who to take with you 

In general, you should try to treat a casting as you would a job interview. You should avoid taking other people with you. The exception to this rule is when you are under 18 – in this case we would definitely encourage you to take your parent or guardian.

CGM's part in castings

Country Girl Management scout for new models that we can link up with the leading model agencies. When a model is offered a meeting with one of those agencies through us, we are able to provide training and guidance in the lead up to the meeting.

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