How to create a summery bronzy makeup look

Who doesn't want to master the perfect makeup look for summer?

We've enlisted the help of qualified MUA and CGM Warrior Jess (@jhstudios__) to show us how to create the perfect summery bronzy look!

Step 1 - Moisturiser

Jess uses Kylie Skin by Kylie Jenner

"I can't stress enough how important it is to moisturise your face and use products you love on your skin. If you set yourself up well by using a good moisturiser then your whole makeup application is going to be a lot smoother AND it's going to last longer on your face!

I apply my moisturiser with my fingertips"

Step 2  - Primer

Jess uses Hangover by Too Faced

"It is so important to prime your face. It will help with the long wear of your makeup and create a really nice canvas for your foundation to sit on top of.

I apply my primer with my fingers but you could also use a stippling brush if you wanted to"

Step 3  - Foundation

Jess uses Studio Fix SPF 15 Foundation by MAC Cosmetics

"I apply my foundation using a clean wet beauty blender.

First I apply the foundation to my cheeks and then I blend from there. You want to make sure that you're covering your whole face (including your eyelids)."

Step 4 - Setting Powder

Jess uses Matte + Poreless Powder by Maybelline

"It's really important to set your face as it will make sure your foundation doesn't move.

I apply my setting powder with a big fluffy brush. I pat the product onto my face where I get oily.

Step 5 - Concealer

Jess uses the Radiant Creamy Concealer by NARS

"Concealer is going to help brighten up your face. I would recommend using minimal and make it lifting.

I blend in my concealer using my beauty blender"

Step 6 - Blush

Jess uses the Chic Blush in Candy Coral by Mecca Maxima

"Blush is a great way to brighten up your face. The easiest way to know where to put your blush is smile and pop it on the apples of your cheeks

I apply my blush with a blush brush."

Step 7 - Bronzer

Jess uses the Hoola Bronzer by benefit

"Bronzing your face will help carve out some shape into your face - adding some shadows to your face!

I apply my bronzer using an angled brush using sweeping motions up and down on my cheeks."

Step 8 - Highlighter

Jess uses the Face Shimmering Powder in Delicate Glow by the Sephora Collection

"Highlighter is a great way to add a bit of glow to your face.

I apply my highlighter with a blush brush onto my nose, cheek bones and the top of my lip."

Step 9 - Brows

Jess uses the Dipbrow Promade by Anastasia Beverly Hills

"I love a thick fluffy brow.

To achieve this I take my spoolie eyebrow brush and brush my eyebrow hairs upwards. Then I focus on carving out my eyebrow shape with the Dipbrow."

Step 10 - Brow Gel

Jess uses the Clear Brow Gel by Anastasia Beverly Hills

"Brow gel is a great way to set your brows in place.

To apply the gel I just brush the brows in an upward motion."

Step 11 - Eye Liner

Jess uses AMC Gel Eye Liner by Inglot

"To apply the eye liner gel I use the Inglot brush and focus on the top of my lash line and then smoke it out just a little bit."

Step 12 - Eye Shadow

Jess uses the Hoola Bronzer by benefit

"To apply my eye shadow I use a fluffy eyeshadow brush and use sweeping halo motions just above my eyelid. This will create some depth in the crease of my eyelid."

Step 13 - Lip liner

Jess uses the Lip Pencil by MAC Cosmetics

"To apply my lip pencil I firstly make sure that the pencil is nice and sharp and then follow my natural lip shape - just outlining my lips."

Step 14 - Lipstick

Jess uses the Lipstick by MAC Cosmetics

"To apply my lipstick all I need to do is fill in my lips!"

Step 15 - Lip Gloss

Jess uses the Lipglass by MAC Cosmetics

"To keep your lips looking glossy I would recommend the MAC Cosmetics Lipglass.

To apply just dab a little bit onto your finger and pop it over the top of your lipstick"

Step 16 - Mascara

Jess uses the Colossal Volume Express Waterproof Mascara by Maybelline

"To add volume and texture to your lashes don't forget to add your mascara.

To apply my mascara I just start at the bottom of my lash and work my way up - tapping at the top to add extra texture!"

Step 17 - Setting Spray

Jess uses the Jeffree Star Set & Refresh Mist by Morphe

"The last step is so important - setting spray! If you want your face to stay on all night (or day!) then make sure you have used a setting spray!

Just spray the mist evenly across your face and then fan your face evenly to dry it out."

And that's it! Your summery bronzy glow look is COMPLETE!

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