How to level up your catwalk

Once you've got the basics of catwalking down — if you haven't got the basic catwalk perfected yet, go straight to our other blog Catwalking like a Queen — then it's time to personalise it and make it your own.

Basically, girl, it's time to LEVEL IT UP! Here's how...

1. Fierce Face

Maintaining your fierce catwalk face is a must, and it's something that's easy to forget about when you're first starting out.

We recommend picking a spot to focus on as you walk, and don't take your eyes off it! Then, make sure you've got a neutral expression and keep your eyes focused on your spot. Film yourself a few times with your fierce face to make sure you're happy with it. 

2. Find your catwalking icon

When you first start out, you might find that you're focusing just on the basics of catwalking, which is completely fine. But, once you're comfortable with the basics, it's important you start to find your own style of catwalk. 

The best way to work out what style you like best, is to take a look at the best in the business! Work out who your catwalking icons are, and see if you can replicate what they're doing. 

Not sure where to start? Check out these 10 incredible walks...

3. Perfect in different shoes

Once you've perfected your walk, and you've got your style happening, the next thing to do is to practise it in different shoes. Try high heels, stilettos, flats, kitten heels, wedges, EVERYTHING! The more comfortable you are in a wide variety of shoes, the more versatile you are going to be!

Check out the range of shoes the models are wearing in this show...

4. Perfect your walk at different speeds

Finally, get your groove on to different songs with a variety of tempos. Then, see how your walk feels with each of them. You'll probably notice you need to speed up or slow down a little depending on the song. Doing this exercise and perfecting your walk a range of different speeds a great way to, again, make sure you are prepared for anything!

And if all else fails, channel some J-LO energy.

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