How to look great in a photo

Taking a good photo can be really tough.  


For the luckiest amongst us, understanding how to pose for a photo comes naturally. However, for most of us, this is a skill we have to work on to perfect.

Now, before we start a quick PSA: No one is incapable of taking a good photo. There is no such thing as being 'unphotogenic'!

So, what's the secret to taking the perfect photo? Well, there are many of them! At the end of the day, even top international models still have areas of improvement when it comes to their posing and they are forever practising! In saying this, we've learnt a few things in our time training models to pose and we thought we might take a moment to share them with you.

1. Just keep moving

When you are first trying to learn what angles work best for you for a photoshoot, it is really important that you keep moving. Even if you only get 5 photos taken, make each of them slightly different. The way to do this is by moving your face very slightly every shot. With slight movements, you'll discover new angles that will change the way you look in photos completely!  

Check out this video of a catalogue photoshoot - see if you can count how many different poses she does in each outfit!

2. Keep your chin down!

When utilised correctly, your jawline can become your best friend when it comes to a photoshoot. This is because your jawline has the ability to frame your face and give it many different shapes. If you stick your chin in the air you are likely to lose the line of your jaw. Obviously, there are people who are able to pull this off; however, if you're finding that you don't like your photos, it could be due to your chin being too high! So, keep your chin down (only slightly) and experiment with different ways you can move your face around to accentuate your jawline.  

3. Work with what you've got

Everyone has a different body shape that they need to take into consideration when they are having a photo taken. My advice is to take some time to research different ways to highlight your assets with simple pose changes. In general, you'll find that focusing on keeping your back nice and straight and your body slightly angled to the camera is a great start to getting the perfect photo! 

4. Get that smize happening

This can literally MAKE or BREAK a photo! Although it can be hard, you need to make sure your eyes are engaged and looking alive. Unfortunately, if you are faking an emotion, your eyes will give you away every. single. time! The best way to get around this is to work on what Tyra Banks likes to call a smize. A smize involves slightly squinting and focusing your eyes while relaxing the rest of your face. Check out the how-to below!

5. Remember, you got this girl.

At the end of the day, you need to try and relax and embrace who you are and what you look like if you're wanting to get some amazing photos. With a bit of confidence, you'll probably find that your photos will naturally improve. This is because with confidence comes good posture, genuine smiles, and a bit of movement!

Remember, there's nothing more beautiful than confidence.

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