How to prepare for a portfolio photoshoot!

Yay! You've booked your portfolio photoshoot! This is an exciting step towards building a killer modeling portfolio!

Now though, it's time to prepare!

Don't worry sister, we got you covered.

What to wear

Alright when it comes to clothing there really aren't any rules. Well there is one rule - only ever wear something that YOU feel like an absolute boss in. There is absolutely no point doing a photoshoot in something that you don't feel good in. You're just going to be left with images that you don't like!

If you're struggling to work out what you want to wear and really want some help we recommend considering a few of these key outfits. Each of these are a classic look for a portfolio and will look amazing on camera. If you're lucky enough to have more than one photoshoot outfit to wear you can combine any of these together to create great variety in your portfolio!

Look 1 - Beauty shoot

This look is all about keeping it simple. Think neutral toned outfits with minimal hair and makeup. Denim is always a winner for a beauty shoot. Here's some inspo...

Look 2 - High Fashion

This look is the complete opposite to the beauty shoot look. It's all about going completely OTT. Think big statement pieces, blazers, dresses with matching hair and makeup. Here's some inspo...

Look 3 - Fitness wear

This look is super great because it shows off your figure AND if you're outside you're going to be able to create some really candid shots! With your hair and makeup keep it pretty minimal/natural as you would if you were actually working out! Here's some inspo...

What to do in the days leading up to the shoot

Okay so if you're serious about getting the best portfolio you can, the work needs to start a few days before the photoshoot. There are a few things we would recommend you do before shoot day to make sure you love the result.

1. Practise your poses

Make sure you have practised your poses before you go into your photoshoot. Have a few flows of poses ready to go so that you're not going to be relying on the photographer to lead you. The more poses you have the better - we would recommend practising in front of the mirror as much as you can in the lead up!

2. Get lots of sleep

Have you heard of beauty sleep? It's definitely a real thing and is going to leave you feeling fresh and ready to go on shoot day! Try and get your 8 hours every night - especially in the lead up to your photoshoot!

3. Eat, sleep, HYDRATE, repeat.

Hydration is going to be your best friend in the lead up to your photoshoot. Drink lots of water and if you can, use hydrating products on your face (maybe even a face mask or two!). Your skin will thank you for it!

4. Get your exfoliation on

Give your skin a good exfoliation about a week before your shoot. This will take away the dead skin cells off your face and leave you GLOWING for shoot day!

5. Affirmations

This one is probably the most important thing you need to be doing in the lead up to your shoot. Be sure to flood your mind with positive self talk and try to block out any negativity you may feel about yourself. If you feel confident you will look confident on the day! We recommend writing a few affirmations (I am beautiful, I am strong, etc) on your mirror at home a few weeks before the shoot to remind yourself every day to embrace how incredible you are!

What to bring

When it comes to shoot day, you don't want to forget anything! Here's a quick and easy list for you to help you make sure you don't forget anything on the day of the photoshoot!

  • All of your outfits
  • The right undies - it might seem obvious but make sure you have the right matching undies for each outfit. We recommend nude coloured so that nothing will show through! Be aware of underwear lines as well and try to avoid showing your bra straps too!
  • Extra outfit (just in case)
  • Hair straighter/curler (if you're using them to style your hair)
  • Hair spray
  • Extra bobby pins and hair ties
  • Any makeup that you're wearing for touch ups

We hope that these tips have been super helpful as you prepare for your photoshoot! Good luck - we know you're going to smash it!

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