How to shoot content for a brand collab

Are you dreaming of working with a brand, want to be shared on a brand's profile, or have just landed your first brand collab?

If the answer is YES to any of these, then it's time to take some photos.

When it comes to Instagram collaborations, content is EVERYTHING. Brands want to work with influencers who not only have an engaged following, but also know how to create content that is matched with their brand and their personality. 

So, if you're want to be noticed by a brand, or have landed a collaboration, then it's important that you take the time to get your content right! 

Here are our top tips to make sure you absolutely NAIL IT!

1. Lighting

If you can only control one thing about your photo, make sure it is the lighting. Bad lighting can ruin everything!

As is with most of the tips we're going to give you, the best thing you can do is check out the brand's account first. You want to replicate whatever they normally do. 

So, when it comes to lighting, if the brand loves taking shots out in the sunshine, you should do this too! But, if they go for more of an overcast vibe then you should aim for this instead.

If the brand doesn't have a clear theme when it comes to lighting, we would recommend going for golden hour (the hour before sunset). This will give you an amazing glow. Case and point - check out the difference between these two photos!

Another option is to get yourself a ring light and this will give you a really clean, cool light to work with if you're shooting indoors.

2. Setting

Okay, the next thing you have to sort out is your setting. Where will you actually TAKE the photos?

It's important that you get this part right because this will ensure you fit in with the aesthetic of the brand you're taking the shot for. Basically, don't be tempted to take the photo in your bedroom just because it's easier. Take the time to find a setting that will enhance your photo and give you the best result. Again, match whatever the brand is already doing in their photos. If they love the beach, head to the beach. If they're all about the cafés, find yourself a cute cafe to take a shot in (making sure to tag the café of course!).

3. Quality of photo

Okay, this one is sooooo easy to forget, but can make or break your photo. Make sure you take it on a camera that will give you a high quality image! A grainy, blurry, or unsaturated image won't look any good and is unlikely to be shared by the brand. So, make sure your phone/camera is taking a great shot and if you send your image, try using a platform like Dropbox so you don't lose out on quality during the sending process!

4. Feature the merch!

This might seem obvious, but make sure you are featuring the merch in your photo. For example, if you're showing off an awesome shirt, don't hide it behind a jacket, scarf, belt, and necklace! 

You want the brand to be front and centre in the image so make sure you always ask yourself the question - does this photo SELL this product?

5. Editing

Once you've got your photo, it's time to get it ready to post! If possible, keep your editing to a minimum and do not use any filters! The only exception to this would be if the brand are using filters (most of them won't be). 

Also, don't feel the need to face-tune or edit what you look like at all! Embrace who you are and what you look like!

6. Posting

And now, you're ready to post. When it comes to posting your photo, make sure you TAG your brand, and of course, caption it with something that is in alignment with the brand's personality. 

Then, hopefully you'll get some feedback and maybe even a share from the brand!!

Some inspo

Check out some of our CGM girls absolutely killing it in their brand collabs! We've shared each of their photo, along with the feed of the brand they've worked with, to give you an idea of how their image matches in with the brand's theme!

Now, get out there and shoot some amazing content! Good luck!!

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