How to spot an influencer scam

If you're trying to break into the Instagram influencing world, then chances are you've had a couple of brands reach out to you already to do a collab. Although this is super exciting, it's important you keep yourself safe and are aware of the scams that are floating around.

Luckily, spotting a scam is usually fairly easy. Here are some red flags to keep an eye out for.

1. You haven't received the DM from the brand's MAIN account

Straight up - if you have received a DM from an account who's claiming they are a rep for a brand then be cautious. This could be an automated bot that sends out hundreds of messages a day. To avoid this, ask the rep to message you from the main account. 


2. They ask you to pay for the product (even with a discount!)

If the brand is asking you to pay for the product that you are then going to be promoting, then what's in it for you? As a brand ambassador you shouldn't have to pay for the products at all - that's kinda the point!


3. Something feels a bit off about the brand's Instagram page

Always have a look at the brand's Instagram page. Have a look at their engagement, followers, tags etc. If they have a heap of followers but literally no engagement on their content, then this could indicate they aren't legit. Also, have a look at their tagged posts - have they worked with other ambassadors before?


4. They've asked you to send them a DM in your image comments

If a brand is legitimately interested in working with you then they will reach out to you directly - and not ask you to message them first! Ignore the comments asking to you to DM - this is likely a bot!

5. They don't offer you any sort of contract / guidelines for your post

Any reputable brand will send you through some guidelines for your content and also sometimes a contract as well. Make sure you ask for these things as if they can't provide them then it could be a sign that they aren't legit.


6. They ask you for personal info like your account details

If a brand asks you for your credit card details (and you're not purchasing any merch) then RUN! This is likely to be a scam. Always send through your account details for any payment you may be receiving in the form of an invoice via email!

If all else fails, head to Google and do a bit of research into the brand. This will give you a pretty good idea as to whether the brand is reputable or not!

If a brand is doing all the right things and there aren't any red flags in sight then go for it! Go get it influencer!

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