How we link models with industry opportunities

In our time, we've seen some pretty incredible things happen for models just like you.

Models who had no experience prior to meeting us. 

Models who had no idea where to get started in the industry. 

We've seen girls go onto be signed with some of the best agencies in the world including IMG, Giant Management, Chic Management, Bella Management, and Next Models (just to name a few).

Girls we've trained have gone onto walk in Fashion Weeks all over the world, and do campaigns for brands like Nike, Lorna Jane, Sephora, Showpo, Gucci and even Vogue.

Billie for Vogue Australia

But, how exactly does this happen? 

And what part does CGM play?

How we link models with industry opportunities

The way we link models and opportunities is actually really simple. Since our foundation in 2009, we've been lucky enough to form relationships with some of the world's top agencies and brands. We like to call these incredible agencies and brands our industry contacts.

Industry Contact: A brand or agency that we have a direct connection with and are actively scouting for. 

We have a whole mailing list of industry contacts who are actively looking for modelling talent for their agency, upcoming campaign, and fashion show events. 

We've made it our business to know our industry contacts really well, and we are up to date on what they're looking for. So, whenever we find someone (just like you) who we think might fit, we send them straight through.

Then, if our industry contact loves what they see, they reach out to the model directly and organise the next steps.

So, in a way, we're like the bridge between YOU and an incredible MODELLING OPPORTUNITY (What a win!).

Renee for FILA

What we're scouting for

Because our industry contacts are all looking for something different, there is no specific type of model that we are scouting for. We love diversity and aim to provide opportunities for female-identifying models of all shapes, sizes, looks, backgrounds, ethnicities, and abilities. 

How do you get sent to our industry contacts?

By attending any of our events, you are giving yourself the opportunity to be scouted and sent through to our industry contacts. You'll know you've been scouted if you receive an invitation to join our Talent Register. If you receive this invite, then we will let you know what we need from you in order to send you through to our industry contacts (usually this is just some awesome digi images). 

On average, we send through around 20+ girls every month to our list of industry contacts. 

Want to get scouted?

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How we help you

Getting started as a model can be tough, and approaching agencies and brands can feel completely overwhelming. The reality is that brands and agencies see so many girls that cutting through the noise can be really hard. You might not hear back or you might just not be seen at all. 

Without an existing relationship - or someone to make the introduction for you - it can be a long time before you land your first job (even if you are the perfect fit).

This is where we come in. We know who to speak to and who is most likely to give you an opportunity.

Because of the relationship we have formed with our industry contacts, if we send you through to them you are much more likely to be seen and considered. Basically, we make your life a WHOLE LOT EASIER!

Mia for Country Road

Why we aren't a mother modelling agency anymore

If you've been following us for a while (we see you CGM Warriors), you might have noticed that we used to be a mother modelling agency - and now we're not.

The reason we stepped back from our role as a mother modelling agency is because we wanted to be able to focus on what we do best: training the next generation of models and linking them with incredible opportunities.

Although we loved having an agency of our own, we found it detracted from our ability to run amazing events, and often slowed down the scouting process for the models we worked with.  

By removing our mother modelling agency, we are able to make the process easier for you as a model and for our industry contacts. The support from us will be the same - but you won't need to sign a contract with us to get the benefits of our amazing list of industry contacts.

Caitlin for Lorna Jane

So, if you've been wanting to land a life changing opportunity and need a leg up to get started, why not apply for our Model Search today?

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