Some inspiring CGM Warriors to follow

We've got some pretty awesome humans in our CGM Warrior Sisterhood. 

We have girls of all ages, cultures, shapes, sizes and nationalities. 

We have girls of all abilities. 

We have girls from all different walks of life.

We have girls facing some massive challenges and leading ground breaking movements.

Our CGM Warriors are pretty inspiring. 

So inspiring that we thought it was about time we featured some of them.

So, today, we'd like to take a moment to introduce just 5 of the incredible CGM Warriors within our community that you might not have met before. These 5 warriors are all leading the way to create a more diverse, beautiful, kind, and inclusive world and we think that they're stories are worth a feature. 

Meet Alisi


Alisi is a superwoman. As a Warrior who is facing ovarian cancer, she is a force to be reckoned with.

After meeting Alisi in 2019, we have watched her continued strength as she faces rounds of medical treatment and are in awe of her strength.

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Our very first chemo photoshoot

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"My name is Amy and I took part in the CGM event in Perth last December. I was a bit hesitant at first to be invited to come along as I thought they really wouldn’t be looking for someone with a disability and how could I compete with such beautiful girls. I’m really glad I went though as I had so much fun! The photo shoot was definitely my favourite part (I’ve attached some photos below) and it really helped my self confidence. I didn’t end up persuing a model career, but these days I focus on growing my Instagram following and writing my own blog ("

Amy joined the Warrior community in 2018 and participated in our 1 day event.

Although she lives with a disability, what shines through most of all is Amy's style, determination, and passion for life. Her drive to give anything a go is a true inspiration and shows us all that nothing should hold us back from our dreams.

If you're ever after some styling inspo, be sure to check out her page and her blog!



Jazz is a true CGM Warrior. As a survivor of suicide herself, Jazz is passionate about helping girls that are going through tough times in their life and is a great ambassador and cheerleader for all of the girls within the CGM Community. 

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I AM A WARRIOR BECAUSE... At the tender age of 13 I overcame suicide after being severely bullied online and through school. After 6 months of feeling suffocated in my own skin and not being able to do what I loved the most without being criticised, judged and bullied through jealousy, it came to the point where I just couldn’t breath and getting out of bed felt unbearable. I was in so much pain and no therapy helped - I tried to end it but thankfully was caught just in time. @katie.jones_x fell into my lap like a guardian angel falling from the sky and used her experience, techniques and her platform (which happened to be the largest mothering model agency in the country) to save me, in every way a girl my age could be saved. She saved my life - quite literally. Little did I know at the time that the @countrygirlmanagement platform would go on to be my work where I now get to save lives, using my story to help others all over the world going through what I went through - ‘one girl at a time’ in the last 2 years i’m proud to say that I have saved 7 lives using my insta platform. Passing on all the techniques and strategies from the modules I worked through at my model training and seminars with CGM. I am proud to be a 2nd year CGM Ambassador and like to think I can represent the company for many more years to come yet, and save many more lives alongside the amazing team at CGM that I have the upmost honour of working with at all our shoots and events Australia wide. I work closely alongside the teams from other suicide prevention campaigns as well and all my work is equally important to me as every single soul I help is just as important as the next. My name is Jazz - I’m a suicide survivor, mentor and CGM Ambassador and I’m a #cgmwarriors ❤️❤️ But mostly - I am ALWAYS here for you - any of you, any day, any time - my insta is always open if you need help. You are never alone.

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Check out Eve, CGM Warrior and signed model! If you're after a breath of fresh air and a dose of self love, then make sure you give her Insta a follow. 

We're so proud of this Warrior for leading the body love movement and inspiring everyone around her to embrace their bodies - just the way they are!

Oh and if you want to check out her modelling portfolio, click here.



"I haven't told this to a lot of people, but being transgender, I got made fun of a lot in high school. I was the only transgender in the entire school." ⁠

After meeting Buffy in 2019, we were so inspired by her strength, resilience and kindness. As a transgender woman, she has experienced bullying and feeling different to everyone else. 

Her story is empowering and inspiring for not only those within the transgender community but also for anyone who has ever been bullied or left out. 

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Feeling fab - u - lous 💕

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Are you feeling inspired and want to meet some more incredible CGM Warriors?

Make sure you've join the CGM Warriors Facebook Group and of course, apply for our Online Model Search!


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