Our ultimate Valentine's Day self love guide

No matter if you're single or in a relationship, Valentine's Day is the perfect excuse to set some time aside to give yourself some love. Here's our ultimate Valentine's Day self love guide, broken up to suit all budgets.

Zero budget

1. Unplug from your socials and spend some time outdoors

Turn your wifi off, and head outside. Maybe a hike or a picnic in the park? Whatever it is, resist the urge to check your socials and just enjoy the world around you. 

2. Chick flick movie night

Grab your favourite snacks and pick a classic chick flick to watch. There's nothing better!

Need some ideas on what to watch?

@laurensaddingtonx WHAT DID I MISS? 🥺💖💖💖💖 This was so hard!!!! #chickflick #fyp #movies ♬ Runaway Baby - Bruno Mars

3. Dinner under the stars

Take your dinner outside and enjoy it under the stars. Even better, can you make yourself a little campfire to enjoy as well?

4. Wardrobe detox

It's time to get rid of anything in your wardrobe that doesn't spark self love. Detox your wardrobe, and donate anything you no longer want to keep. 

Here's a great how-to on detoxing your wardrobe. But, we recommend adding an extra question - does this item CURRENTLY make me feel great when I wear it?

5. Bath time

A classic self love activity, taking a bath never disappoints. You know the drill: break out the candles, face masks, and bath bombs. Even better, set up your laptop and enjoy your favourite movie while you relax in the bath!

6. Write yourself a love letter

Who needs a partner when you can just write your own love letter!? If you need some ideas on what to write, check out these prompts...

Dear me,

I love the way you...
My favourite thing about you is...
You are truly beautiful, especially when you...

You are truly loved.

Love, me

Small budget (under $50)

1. Mani / pedi

Who doesn't love a mani / pedi! Fresh nails means fresh mind, right?

2. Create some art for your living space

There's no better way to make a space feel like yours, than to create some art yourself. It doesn't matter whether you paint, sculpt, or draw, you'll create something that you can enjoy for years to come! 

We love this one...

3. Start a dance class

Dancing is one of the best ways to feel amazing. Find a dance class in your local area and join in! 

4. Buy yourself a new plant

Plants are love. Plants are life. Enough said.

5. Cook dinner for your family and/or friends

Why not share the love with your nearest and dearest and cook them a special meal for you to enjoy together?

6. Get dessert, delivered!

There's nothing that says indulgence like getting dessert DELIVERED! 

7. Bake yourself something delicious

If you've got a bit of time, break out a brownie recipe (or whatever sweet treat tickles your fancy). Once you've made it, you'll have the satisfaction of not only eating it, but knowing your love and care went into creating it as well!

Need a recipe?

@moribyan Sharing the full recipe on Monday! ❤️ #valentinesday ♬ original sound - Jaz Turner

Boojee budget (over $50)

1. Have a wash and blow dry at your local hair salon

There's no better feeling than having fresh, clean, glorious hair. Treat yourself, girl. 

2. Did someone say spa day?

Head to your favourite spa and get yourself a treatment. There's really no better way to feel fresh!

3. Sign up for a new course or workshop

Working towards a goal or learning a new skill is a great way to feel inspired. Give it a go!

4. Buy yourself a special piece of jewelry

Have you been dreaming of getting that perfect piece of jewelry? Why not buy it for yourself?

5. Send some special deliveries to your besties

Send some flowers to your friends to make them feel amazing. We bet it'll make you feel amazing too!

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