Posing as a curve model

Every sub-category of modeling is unique and beautiful in its own way. For curve models there is so much to love but nothing moreso than those beautiful curves!

If you are looking at entering into the curve modeling industry - whether you are closer to a size 12 or size 26 - there are some poses that are going to really highlight your curves and make you look and feel totally fabulous.

We've done the hard work and hunted down a few of our fave curve poses for you to use as inspo and add to your own pose library!

Give some of these poses a practise and see what other ones you can come up with. 

And always remember... If you've got some curves girl, then flaunt 'em!

Something you will see quite often in curve model posing is the hand on the hip. By putting one or two hands on your hips you are going to highlight your waist and showcase your beautiful figure just like Eve here.!

Caitlin here is showcasing a flawless pose on the ground. By bending her knees a little in front of her, leaning forward on her forearm, and looking towards her legs she has created a shape to die for!

One of the oldest tricks in the book to elongate legs and highlight more of an hourglass shape is to cross your legs. Keep it natural like Alanah here by not putting too much weight on the front leg and staying up on your toes.

The legend Tess Holliday is a queen when it comes to posing. She's opted for both hands on hips and one leg out to create a strong and empowered pose. 

Don't be afraid to work with angles as a curve model. Precious is using some of the classic tricks here - crossed legs and hand on hip - but she's also holding her other arm out to hold her hair! By keeping the bend in her elbows at a similar angle, she's been able to create a pose that feels balanced whilst also looking super interesting and high fashion!

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