The many ways to wear a blazer

PSA: Blazers are in - big time.

If you've got a blazer hiding at the back of your wardrobe but you've not ever been sure how to incorporate it into an outfit then this is the blog for you. Our resident stylist Nikeisha has put together 6 incredible looks to help inspire you to improve your blazer game!

LOOK 1: When you want to feel like a BOSS

Nikeisha says: If there's one thing a blazer does well, it's making the wearer feel like an absolute BOSS. If you are heading to an important interview, meeting, or event and need that extra edge why not chuck on your blazer? 

When you're stuck for outfit ideas you can never go wrong with your favourite black basics, but pair it with your blazer for the ultimate boss lady look. 

LOOK 2: When you want to jazz up an otherwise casual monotone outfit

Nikeisha says:
Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought to yourself - this outfit is just missing something? Odds are, that something is probably a blazer. 

I've just popped my blazer on over the top of my white oversized outfit here which has completed the look by providing a clear vocal point, an extra layer, and a bit of shape.

LOOK 3: When you're heading out for a coffee date with the girls

Nikeisha says:
Don't be afraid of combining multiple patterns within the one outfit!

In this look I've paired my leopard print midi slip skirt with my pinstripe blazer. Because both have the same undertone, the look doesn't feel cluttered and what I'm left with is full on cafe chic vibes!

LOOK 4: When you want to channel those Emily in Paris vibes

Nikeisha says: We've all got a beret, baker boy (or in my case a flat cap) hiding in our wardrobe somewhere but for many of us it never sees the light of day. If you want to feel a little bit French, I'd recommend combining your favourite casual outfit with your blazer and beret!

The key to this look is layering the tones and creating shape. You'll notice I've tucked in my shirt a little at the front to create shape and lengthen my legs. I also like trying to match my blazer to my hat so my outfit doesn't become too busy!

LOOK 5: When you're heading out on a dinner date

Nikeisha says: We've all done the classic white top and denim look before (my go-to outfit), but have you thought of adding a blazer to the mix too? By doing this, you'll add a little bit of style to an otherwise quite basic outfit - ready for a fancy dinner date!

For this look I've also accessorised with a pair of black boots, black bag, and belt.

LOOK 6: When you're going for a Sunday picnic

Nikeisha says: Blazers are also great for those relaxed Sunday vibes. Think picnic blanket, book, music playing kinda situation. 

For this look, I've decided to go with a pair of loose linen pants, a black tube top, akubra-style hat and of course the blazer. Roll your sleeves up for a more relaxed look. 

We want to see your blazer outfits! Share them being sure to tag @countrygirlmanagement

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