The new Angels of Victoria's Secret

The new era of the Victoria's Secret Angel is here. 

And, we don't know about you, but we think it's about time! It's been a long wait for VS to jump on board the diversity train, but it seems that they FINALLY have.

Introducing the Love Cloud Collection, featuring 18 diverse models from all walks of life. 


Let's get to know some of the models that have been featured so far...

Sofia Jirau


By age 25, Puerto Rican model, Sofia Jirau, has already conquered her ultimate dream: to model on the most important runways in the world. In 2019, Sofia launched the online store, Alavett, selling clothing, accessories, and home products. What did it mean to her to be featured in The Love Cloud Campaign? “It is a dream come true. I am happy to be able to show everyone that Sofia Jirau is going to shine around the world. I feel confident because fear is not in my vocabulary.”
(source: @victoriassecret)

Celilo Miles


Celilo Miles is a member of the Nez Perce tribe from Lapwai, Idaho. After high school, Celilo relocated to New York City to pursue modeling, but following the sudden passing of her younger brother, she returned to Idaho and joined her tribe’s fire engine crew. She’s now working to achieve one of her biggest goals—to obtain her Bachelor’s degree. Candidly she shared, “I can honestly say my life coincides with your campaign. I’ve always been a free woman and determined to pursue personal growth in every aspect of my life. Fighting fire, fishing, and being on the land is where I feel most free.” 
(source: @victoriassecret)

Miriam Blanco


Miriam Blanco worked as a graphic designer and art director before shifting into modeling and acting. Growing up, Miriam rarely saw people with disabilities accurately represented in the media, which is why she began exploring ways to tell stories that integrated all types of people into society—as they are, and as they could be. When asked how it felt to be on set for The Love Cloud Collection, Miriam beamed, “I really loved being given the option to shoot both sitting in my wheelchair and standing with my crutches. I do both in my day-to-day, and getting to portray my disability in the way I actually experience it was liberating.  (source: @victoriassecret)

Valentina Sampaio


LGBTQIA+ Activist, Actor, Model, and #VSCollective founding member @valentts is committed to opening doors for trans women. What does it mean to her to be featured in The Love Cloud Collection? “To be amongst such dynamic women and to represent the brand’s commitment to celebrate all women is a true honor.” 
(source: @victoriassecret)

Jailyn Matthews


As a certified group fitness instructor, emergency medical professional, and a published singer/songwriter—there’s nothing Jailyn Matthews can’t do. The former athlete-turned-model is committed to living a life centered around both health and physical activity. When asked what it meant to be a part of The Love Cloud campaign, Jailyn shared, “It feels truly special. I was literally shopping for my panties at VS the day before I got the audition request! To be representing my demographic for this iconic company is incredible.”
(source: @victoriassecret)

Adut Akech Bior


Model, mental health advocate, and #VSCollective founding member @adutakech is taking a walk on the wild side in the Smooth Straight-Neck Lounge Bra from The Love Cloud Collection. 
(source: @victoriassecret)

What we're seeing loud and clear here is true change. The modelling world is more diverse and inclusive than ever before. 

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