What to pack in your model bag

It's important you're prepared when you head to a modelling job or casting. Good preparation ensures you leave an awesome impression and aren't left looking disorganised. Part of this preparation involves packing your model bag with everything you could possibly need. Here's a checklist...

For a casting

✓ Comp Cards
Bring around 2-5 cards with you and make sure you leave them with the casting agent or booker. Not sure what a comp card is? Check out our other blog here.

✓ Portfolio
Make sure you've got a copy of your portfolio, whether that's a hardcopy version or a digital version. If you haven't got a portfolio yet, we can help you build one at any of our REDEFINED events. Apply for an event near you here.  

✓ Makeup bag
This is going to handy if you need to do any touchups on your makeup.   

✓ Phone charger
You don't want to be left without your phone!
✓ Snacks + water
Lining up for a casting can take a lot longer than you might expect. Make sure you've got adequate snacks girl!

✓ Hair ties
Bring some hair ties so you can tie up your hair for digis if requested.  

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For a job

✓ Makeup bag
Again, it's good to be able to do your own touchups if needed.

✓ Phone charger
You might be on set all day. Make sure you don't run out of charge on your phone!
✓ Snacks + water
Sometimes you'll be provided with lunch at a shoot, but just in case, make sure you pack enough sustenance!
✓ Nude/seamless undies (including a nude bra and tube top)
This is probably the most important thing on the list. Packing the right underwear is IMPERATIVE if you want to appear professional. The more underwear options you bring, the better.  

✓ Hair brush
Never a bad idea to pack a hair brush!
✓ Hair ties
You probably won't need them, but just in case, bring them along.
✓ Makeup wipes
Chances are you're going to have a pretty thick layer of makeup on for the job. Being able to wipe it off before you head home can be a blessing in disguise. Don't forget to cleanse properly when you get home though!!
✓ Nude/black pair of heels

Just in case there aren't appropriate shoes provided on set, bring along some basic heels.

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