Where do you fit in the modelling industry?

Have you ever wished you could be a model but thought that you're just not the 'right look' for the industry?

If you have, you're not alone. So many girls we speak to have had the exact same thought in the past as well - but I have some good news for you!

Every single girl, no matter her size, shape, look, or background has something to get out of the modelling/entertainment industry. Now, more than ever, brands are looking for variety in their models and this means that the pathways that are available for girls of all shapes and sizes are endless. In addition to this, however, even unpaid modelling has an amazing ability to build confidence and self esteem.  

You might be surprised to know that there are actually over 10 different subindustries within the modelling industry! Each of these require different things and are perfect for different types of models!

Curve modelling

Boy oh boy, are we IN LOVE with the curve industry right now. Full of body love and positivity, this is such an amazing subindustry to get involved in. Our very own Alice and Caitlin are both in this subindustry and working for massive brands like Target and Lorna Jane.

The curve modelling industry has really taken off over the past few years as the demand for celebrating a range of shapes and sizes has been growing.

To be a curve model, typically you need to be above a size 12 (and you have to LOVE your BEAUTIFUL CURVES!

Social media modelling 

With the rise in social media platforms, like Insta, has come the birth of a new type of modelling: social media modelling. Basically, these models use their social media following to promote the products that they are wearing or using, or the places that they are visiting. Marketers have been quick to latch onto this idea and are now using social media models to get their brand names out there by endorsing their product/service.

Obviously, the amount of money that a social media model makes is dependent on her engagement and following; however, founder of The Mobile Media Lab, Brian DiFeo said that an Instagram model with around 200,000 followers has the potential to earn between $5000-$7500 per month (where can we sign up!?) 

There are no specific look requirements to be a social media model but you must have a significant number of followers with great engagement in order to be successful.

Fitness modelling

With the rise in activewear companies such as Lorna Jane has come a surge in the need for fitness models. Fitness models are usually very toned and enjoy a fit and healthy lifestyle. They not only model fitness clothing, but can also promote healthy eating and be fitness ambassadors, or even be featured in advertising campaigns.

To be a fitness model, you guessed it, you need to be sporty and fit! Good muscle definition is important so make sure you're hitting the gym and eating good, nutritious foods.

Petite modelling 

This is one of our favourite subindustries because not many people know about it! Petite modelling is for our shorter sisters. There are many brands that have a petite range and that calls for a petite model! At 156cm, our very own Keanii-Jane is a petite model who we signed with Chic Management!

To be a petite model you need to be under 165cm.

Beauty modelling 

The beauty industry makes up a huge portion of the modelling industry. Any product that goes onto the skin or hair needs a beauty model. Most commonly, beauty models' faces are featured in campaigns as they show off the product that they are wearing. If you take a moment to consider how many different make up products there are (and how many different brands make up each product), it becomes clear how huge the demand for models in this subindustry is!

To be a beaty model, you need to take good care of your skin!

Promotional modelling 

Promotional models are hired to be the face of a brand. This means that they are required to push sales for a product through their presence at a stall or an event. Personality is incredibly important for promotional models as they have to be able to engage customers in conversations and be approachable! 

To be a promotional model, you need to be bubbly and confidence and enjoy chatting to people! 

Advertising/movie modelling

Think about all of the ads that get seen and played every day! Usually, each advertisement features a number of models. These models are usually hired to represent the average person, so the opportunities are really endless in this industry! 

To be an advertisement model, you'll need to be comfortable in front of the camera - and some acting experience won't go astray!

Alternative modelling 

Many companies love models who have a unique or alternative look. The alternative modelling industry is a great pathway for models who have statement tattoos or a number of piercings as there are brands who hire models for the edge that these body alterations bring.

To be an alternative model you'll need to have some piercings or tattoos (or maybe even both!)

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