How to create a comp card

A composite card (or a comp card) is a model's version of a business card. They are one of the best ways for a model to be remembered by an agency and are crucial if you are going to a job casting.

Why are comp cards important?

Comp cards are important because they show a potential agent or brand what you look like and give them some key information about you. By leaving your comp card behind, you are leaving a lasting impression and giving whoever you've met the opportunity to show their team who you are - long after you've left the meeting. This is really important because often the person you need to impress won't actually meet you directly or there may be other opportunities coming up in the future that you don't know about. 

So, what does a comp card look like? 

A comp card is usually printed double side on high quality paper (200gsm or up). On the front of the comp card should be your headshot with your name. The back of the card should include 4 photos that show a good range of poses and your key details (including your contact number, location, age and measurements).  

Which photos should I use?

Ideally, if you have professional photos with a portfolio style edit, these are the best to use for your comp cards. If you don't have professional shots, you can also use your digis for your comp card. Don't know what a digi is? Check out our blog here.

Can I create them myself?

Yes! You definitely can create your own comp cards. We would recommend you learn how to do this as it's a good idea to update your comp cards every few months or so with new images. The best was to do this is through a free online design tool called Canva. Using this tool, create a new A5 document and you'll be able to drag and drop your images around and write in your details. When you're ready, all you'll need to do is download it and you'll be ready to go. 

If this all seems a little daunting, you can also reach out to a designer and they'll be able to create your comp card.

Do you have an example?

Of course! Here is an example of a simple comp card layout that you can use.

Good luck creating your comp cards! 

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