5 things to consider if you're serious about becoming a model

Before you jump into the modelling industry and book your first job, there's a few things we think you should consider first...

Number 1: Are you available, hard-working, professional, punctual and are you passionate about modelling?

Just like any career path, modelling takes hard work, dedication and passion! If you aren't currently in a position to take on a bit more work and aren't super keen on the modelling industry then maybe reconsider if it's the right career for you! It's also important that you are organised and punctual - modelling work can be quite inconsistent and isn't going to be your normal 9-5 job so it will be important that you're able to stay on top of all your upcoming castings, jobs, and meetings!

Number 2: Your socials: Are they working for or against you?

If you're serious about being a model then you really need to consider your social media - particularly your Instagram account. Have a look through your profile and ask yourself, 'is this working for me or against me?'. 

You have to keep in mind that as a model your social media will be one of the first things that an agency or brand is going to look at when they are considering working with you. We would recommend keeping things that are inappropriate or controversial off your profile and focus instead on keeping things consistent, positive and engaging!

Number 3: Have you had professional model training?

You wouldn't step into a  job without any experience or training would you? How would you know what to do and how to complete the job you're getting paid for?

So, why would you do that with modelling?

Like any professional, models need to know what to do when they get to a job. This includes knowing how the industry works, the different people who are likely to be at a shoot, how to pose in front of the camera, how to catwalk, and so on!

It's important that you set yourself up for success (and to be rebooked) by getting some model training done. 

You can do that training with us!

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Number 4: Model materials. Let's talk portfolios, digis, and comp cards

Once you're all trained up and ready to go, we'd recommend getting your modelling materials sorted. This includes your portfolio, digis, and comp cards. Check out our other blogs on them!

How to build a modelling portfolio
How to create a comp card
How to take the perfect digi

Number 5: Now you’re ready to go, consider your look. What category do you fit in? Which agency specialises in your category?

Last but not least you need to consider your look. Which subcategory of modelling do you fit into best? Which agencies specialise in that category?
If you're not too sure where to start, check out our blog on subcategories here

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